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​​​​​​​Find Us Outside Nature Immersion Program

Benefits of a forest kindergarten:

Improves health (environmental, physical, emotional, mental)
Development of fine and gross motor skills
Increases understanding of and appreciation for nature
Augments ecological literacy
Makes additional resources available for managing difficult behaviors
Accommodates multiple learning styles
Affordable and community-enhancing way to deal with school space issues
Promotes safe risk-taking, and reduces harmful and hazardous behaviors
Creates sustainable and healthy communities
Encourages problem-solving skills
Improves communication skills
Creates engaged and passionate learners
Motivates engaged and passionate educators
Supports creative and imaginative thinking
Empowers learners
Boosts self-esteem
Increases “school readiness” (when children transition into traditional school environments)
Provides greater concentration skills
Students experience fewer sick days (Forest Schools Canada, 2014)