Nature Immersion Programs

in Partnership with the Bethel Parks & Recreation Department 

Forest Kindergarten Program

Locations: Bethel Franc Preserve & Black Rock State Park

Ages: Children ages 3-7 years old and potty trained

Dates: September through May with rolling admission
Bethel Franc Preserve - Monday & Wednesday:  9:00am-11:45am

Black Rock State Park - Thursday: 9:00am-11:45am

Find Us Outside’s Forest Kindergarten  is open every school day from Labor Day to
​Memorial Day except for Thanksgiving and winter break.  

Description: Children aged 3-7 will acquire the skills necessary to succeed in formal education and beyond. Children will be free to explore the nature preserve or state park to acquire skills with which they can build upon each time they return to our forest classroom.  To ensure a safe and fulfilling experience, each child will be closely observed using a 4:1, student: educator ratio.  Through hands-on exploration and repeated exposure to the diverse ecosystem concepts of Science, Technology (critical thinking as precursor to achieving technology), Environmental Education, Art, Mathematics (STEAM) as well as creativity, imaginative play, collaboration and numerous psychological and physical benefits of spending time in nature will blossom within each child over time. 

We explore in all safe weather, rain or shine.

Our program follows the American Forest Kindergarten Association (  criteria:
1. A minimum of 1-3 hours of unstructured free play in nature.
2. Flow Learning (aka Interest-led or Child-led) is implemented. Flow learning leads to emergent curriculum, the lessons that emerge when children are free explorers in nature.
3. Inquiry Based teaching is used. Teachers are there as guides (reflecting back awe and wonder in nature) and not the center of attention. Activities can be offered, but are not required.
4. Documentation of learning is collected primarily for teachers to reflect what children are responding to; i.e. social emotional growth, as well as what strategies are working or need work. It can also be shared with parents as a way to build family communication in addition to helping parents feel more comfortable in how they interact in nature with their children. In today’s data driven culture, the collection of documentation can provide anecdotal evidence as well as credibility for the school.

Program Fees*:  Each day is independent so families can sign up for any combination of days that work for their family.

Days Per WeekCost Per Month


After School and Weekend Programs

​Locations: Bethel Franc Preserve & Black Rock State Park

Ages: Children in elementary school 

Dates: September through June with rolling admission

Description: Children grades K - 5 are invited to engage in STEAM (Science, Technology, Environmental
Education, Art, and Math) learning through the hands-on exploration of the Bethel Franc Preserve or
Black Rock State Park. Our program allows children the advantages of free time in nature.  Our emergent
curriculum offers endless lessons in geology, tree identification, native and invasive plants, trail making,
stewardship and more while simultaneously engaging children in flow learning to develop critical thinking
skills and executive function.  The ​student to teacher ratio will be no more than 6:1.

We explore in all safe weather, rain or shine and will provide rain gear if needed. 

Black Rock - Monday's & Wednesday's 
Bethel - 
Friday's:                                                              Bethel - Saturday's:          

Time: 3:45pm - 5:45pm                                                   Time: 9:00am - 12:00pm

Fee*: $110                                                                         Fee*: $135

Session 1 - April 6, 13, 20, 27                                         Session 1 - April 7, 14, 21, 28
Session 2 - May 4, 11, 18, 25                                          Session 2 - May 5, 12, 19, 26

Session 3 - June 1, 8, 15, 22                                            Session 3 - June 2, 9, 16, 23

Parent/Child Program

​Locations: Bethel Franc Preserve & Black Rock State Park

Ages: Children ages 1 - 2 years old (Although we do not have an infant class available at this time,
​caregivers are welcome to bring infant siblings to either class.)

Dates: September through June with rolling admission

Bethel: Wednesday's: 10am - 11am

Black Rock State Park: Please inquire about scheduling as we work on offering this wonderful program
​in the Black Rock State Park.

Description: Our parent or caregiver/child classes offer children and their parent opportunities to participate in music, story time, crafts, gardening, nature walks, free play and more.

Program Fee*: $15 a class or $55 monthly*

Summer Camp 

Location: Bethel Franc Preserve

Ages: 3 - 12


Session 1: August 13th - 17th
Session 2: August 20th - 24th 

9am - 12pm, ages 3 - 7

12:30pm - 3:30pm, ages 8 - 12

Description: Our camp programs allow children the advantages of free time in nature within the
Bethel Franc Preserve. Children will be engaged in hands-on experiences, hikes, nature observations,
crafts, experiments and activities such as fort building. Children will have ample free time to interact
​with and learn from the local ecosystem. 

We explore in all safe weather, rain or shine and will provide rain gear if needed. 

Program Fee: $160

*Please call to confirm pricing.  We want to work with you to find the best tuition and payment plan for your family.  

Homeschool Program

We work to provide homeschool families with learning opportunities that will enrich  their 
homeschool curriculum.  Please contact us to learn more.

Please contact us anytime with questions/comments or to schedule a visit @ 203-491-0596 or 

We hope to Find You Outside! 


​​​​​​​Find Us Outside Nature Immersion Program

​​Phone: 1-203-491-0596