Our Philosophy

Our programs are intended to educate as we bring families and communities together to experience the nature around us.

The preservation of our Earth, our health and our lives depends on our connection to nature. 

Spending time in nature can…

Improve mood
Reduce stress and anxiety
Improve your health
Increase attention span
Improve concentration and focus
Induce better sleep
Improve the ability to self regulate
Build physical strength
Improve coordination
Develop a respect and love of nature and the environment
Instill empathy
Increase Vitamin D intake
Increase flexibility
Encourage creativity
Build resilience
Develop executive function skills
Build creative thinking
Teach problem solving
Improve mathematical skills
Improve powers of observation and assessment of risk.
Develop social skills
Build the ability to identify and understand social cues
Instill empathy
Improve fine and gross motor skills
Improve sensory systems in the body; visual, tactile, vestibular, proprioceptive, etc.
Reduce risk for obesity
Build self confidence
Develop leadership skills
Teach responsibility
Foster environmental stewardship

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