Bob Cats

Living in a residential area that has large areas of wooded green space, I see a variety of animals. Just recently a bobcat came walking through my yard not 10 feet from my back door. They are native to the United States and also known as a red lynx. This beautiful wild cat got its name from having a short, bobbed tail. The latin name of this mammal is a lynx rufus. It is a fast runner and a good swimmer. The one I saw was around three feet tall with long legs. The tufts of fur at the top of his pointy ears (for the purpose of hearing better), made identification easy. Surprisingly it was early afternoon, though they are nocturnal (up at night) animals.

Photo Credit: Jiri Mikola/Pexels

As carnivores (meat eaters) they eat foxes, squirrels, rabbits… These are the smallest native cats but, grow larger the further north they live. They are solitary creatures. Bobcats are preyed on by coyotes and threatened by habitat loss. Currently their population is stable.

Photo Credit: Suheyl Burak/Pexels

If you should encounter this animal, back away slowly. DO NOT RUN. Making loud noises should scare it. If you encounter it in your yard, spraying water should get it to move on. Like
 most animals, unless cornered/ feeling threatened or with cubs, don’t want to start trouble. Keep aware of your surroundings. You will see the beauty in nature. Don’t forget to put the sighting in your journal. If you are looking for us, you can find us outside.

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