2024 Schedule

Weekend Forest Classes

Location: Franc Preserve, 160 Plumtrees Road, Bethel, CT
Ages: Learners of all ages

Fee: $23 per class*

Our forest classes provide learners with opportunities to journey through the wetlands and woodlands of the Franc Preserve during all seasons. Participants may learn about landmarks, map-making, animals, habitats, plants, fungi, and how trees communicate. There may also be opportunities to play in the stream, observe wildlife, and use our imaginations to collaboratively build, create nature art, or design games.

Learners should come dressed for the weather and be prepared to hike.

Woodland Adventurers

Saturdays, 2:30am – 4pm
February 10th, April 13th, June 29th

Fee: $23 per class*

During this class, we will become adventurers through the forest as we explore the diverse woodlands, and learn about landmarks, map making, animals, habitats, plants, fungi, and how trees communicate.

Wetland Explorers

During this class, we will delve into the make-up of the wetland ecosystem of the Franc Preserve. During our learning lab, each learner will observe what lives within the brook, swamps, bogs, and vernal pools throughout the property. Learners may also engage their imaginations to create art using items found within the beautiful Franc Preserve. 

Saturdays, 2:30pm – 4pm
February 24th, April 27th, July 20th

Fee: $23 per class*

Fun on the ice - Find Us Outside Nature Immersion Programs - - 203-491-0596

Creativity Club

As we take a journey through the local ecosystem, learners will have opportunities to combine their skills and work together to build from their imaginations, participate in games they design, and create art using items found within nature.

Saturdays, 2:30pm – 4pm
March 9th, May 11th, August 17th

Fee: $23 per class*

*All class fees are nonrefundable.

Please contact us at to learn more.

We explore in all safe weather, rain or shine.

We hope to Find You Outside!

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