Nature Related Gift Ideas – for all ages

With summer approaching, children’s birthdays and gift giving just-because it’s great to have some gift ideas available. Following are items the entire family can enjoy for summer fun.

Exploring Nature Activity Book for Kids” by Kim Andrews  It includes 50 outdoor projects. The book is designed for a mixture of seasons, regions and age ranges 6 – 12. With the help of an adult or teen, younger children will enjoy some of the art and craft, animal and plant projects. Observation, memory, writing and drawing are all skills touched on. If you want games, fun activities and wildlife information, this book may be just what you are looking for.

Owl pellets  A perfect gift for the scientist in your life. Heat sterilized owl pellets (1’ -3” in length) contain the indigestible parts of owl prey. Dissecting the pellet you may find bones, skulls, claws… When my children were small, we bought several. It was an interesting experience that lead to further discussion about birds of prey and the food cycle.

Usbourne First Sticker Book NatureWho doesn’t like stickers. This book contains 180+. There are nature/ecosystem scenes to place the plants, insects, mammals, fish, reptiles, amphibians… stickers onto. A good way to introduce a discussion on ecosystems. FYI: Some of the stickers are a little bit cartoony (reference the photo). Usbourne motto is “Our books entice children to dive into the information and surface again eager to learn more.”

Nature Origamiby Clover Robin age 8+ This book includes 13 different animals and objects (owl, fox, flower, moth…) to make using the 50 beautiful papers included. A short poem introduces the project. Origami is good for hand-eye coordination as well as following directions, fine motor skills and it also supports concentration. Links to videos will help with instruction.

Everdell published by Starling Games age 13+ This is a card based strategy game incorporating woodland creatures. The goal is building a woodland city. Each game becomes strategically more compelling as you adjust, modify and improve the natural environment for your city. Cooperation, sportsmanship and self control are all skills that will be honed in this game.

Photo book by Shutterfly If you are like me, you have taken quite a few photographs on your hikes. Now is the time to arrange them in a book online. You can add comments and notes to the photographs in a hard or soft covered version. They come in all sizes. Once complete, you will receive your book within a week.

Hope you enjoy the above suggestions. Do you have others you especially like? If you are looking for us, you will find us outside.

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